kandy amazing places

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Sembuwatta Lake

kandy amazing places

Sembuwatta is an attractive lake which is located at Elkaduwa in MataleDistrict. This lake is consists of natural spring water and it is believed that the depth is between 10 to 12 in meters.

At present this belongs to the Elkaduwa plantations and it produces electricity to the nearby villages.

Nalanda Gedige

kandy amazing placesNalanda Gedige is another ancient monument which located near Matale District. This is a valuable archeological site which has constructed in between 7th and 10th century AD.

This is a building which has constructed according to the Dravidian architecture. But it is beleieved that this has been used by Buddhists.The speciality of this building is, this has been built using granite.

Dambulla Cave Temple

kandy amazing places

Dambulla cave temple or well known as Rangiri Dambulu Raja Maha Viharaya is situated in between matale Dambulla Road.

This temple consists of five caves and has different Lord Buddha statues which express different storeies. once you visit this temple it will be an unforgettable experience that you have ever had.

Rahas Ella

kandy amazing places

Rahas Ella is a one of the waterfalls which has a hidden beauty.This flows near the hotel Rahas Ella. The origin of this waterfall is Hunnasgiriya mountain range and there are two sections. The height of this waterfall is about 15 m.

Because of the concealedness, most of the people say that it is a dangerouse place for bathing. Some says that depth of the base is even cannot imagine and is very deep.

Temple of the Tooth Relic

kandy amazing placesTemple of the tooth is a significant place to the all the buddhist people in Sri Lanka because of the Tooth Relic of Lord Gauthama Buddha.

This sacred place is situated in the centre of the Kandy City. Due to this, Kandy city has been named as World Heritage city by UNESCO.

Peradeniya Botanical Garden

kandy amazing places

Royal Botanical Garden, Peradeniya is about 5.5 km to the west of the city of Kandy. It is near the Mahaweli River (the longest in Sri Lanka). It is renowned for its collection of orchids. The garden includes more than 4000 species of plants, including spices, medicinal plants and palm trees.

The total area of the botanical garden is 147 acres, at 460 meters above sea level, and with a 200-day annual rainfall.

Hunnas Falls

kandy amazing placesHunnas Falls waterfall is located near Elkaduwa Village which belongs to the Matale District.

If you want reach the place, you can go via Matale- Alkaduwa road or Via Wattegama- Alkaduwa road. This waterfall named as Hunnas falls as the origin is Hunnasgiriya mountain range.

Knuckles Mountain Range

kandy amazing placesIf you are enjoying Hiking Knukcles mountain range is the best place for your adventures. Knuckles mountain range covers a wide area from Kandy To Matale Districts.

Its named as Knuckles because of its shape of a clenched fist, which forms a scenic view.